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“Never thought they would actually throw in the towel, but that’s what they did,” said Collierville Mayor Stan Joyner.

suburbs create their own districts. But the Shelby County Commission didn’t.

But that didn’t stop the discussion.

“South of Collierville is a place called Lewisburg, Mississippi. They just built their third school,’ he said. “They pay one-third the property taxes we pay.

Self said Dedric was only suspended “temporarily,” adding, “Don’t get me wrong: He’s on the team. He’s in school. He’ll be here whenever school starts and all that. But he’s aware that he didn’t.

That’s compared to Level 5 growth in the Collierville and Bartlett school systems.

A quick check with Shelby County’s major muni districts didn’t reveal anyone talking to their associates in the.

The 901: Memphis needs more Abe Ploughs and Plough Foundations – The foundation’s leadership didn’t give any reason.

Burgess reports this morning. Shelby County Mayor Lee Harris had some especially strong words about that. Stay tuned for more from me on that in.

This raise from the mayor’s office follows last year’s budget where police and firefighters didn’t get anything.

Germantown, Collierville, and the Shelby County Sheriff’s Department despite a much.

Authorities say he took the risk to get to work quicker. Deputy Torrance Suggs’ decision left a wife and two children without a father. It’s believed Deputy Suggs went around clearly-marked barricades.

That first day began the emotional roller coaster of foster care for me.” The Arthurs reside in Collierville.

we be more willing to work together?” The Arthur family poses for its first picture as.

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