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Goneau lost her family home on Hurtubise Boulevard during the 2017 spring flood; her rebuilt home, although closer to the river itself, sits 2.7 metres higher than the.

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Environment Canada is predicting a “messy mix” of two to five cm of snow and ice.

their homes. The centre opens Wednesday at a former shoe store at Promenades Gatineau, 1100 Maloney Blvd. West and.

A delicate dusting of snowflakes has fallen in the night, a pristine layer of gleaming crystals resting on the thick sheet of snow and.

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7.00pm: Malaysia’s navy crew have retrieved four more bodies from the QZ8501 wreckage site, tweeted chief Abdul Aziz Jaafar. The bodies were brought on board the Royal Malaysian Navy’s KD.


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DOURO-DUMMER FAMILY DAY SKATE (Monday, Feb 18, 1:30-3:30 p.m.) Free public skate at the Douro Community Centre. Complimentary hot dogs and hot chocolate and a used book sale.

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Shoes are left at the front entrance, exercise balls are used instead of chairs in some classrooms.

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