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Check out the slideshow for more information on the stories mentioned above and other campuses that have decided to “arm” students and staff.* *Please note Campus Safety does not endorse the use of.

Many have one nosebleed a week, and some have more than two a day. The new study included 121 people with the condition who sprayed either a saline solution (salt plus water) or one of three.

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First Listen: Willie Nelson and the Boys – There’s no stopping Willie Nelson. On October 20, the indefatigable icon will release his second album of 2017 (the outstanding God’s Problem Child came out in April), this time with the help of his.

She is scheduled to face trial in October, though her attorney has said he is seeking to move the trial out of Saline County because of the heavy.

Guinan displayed a slide show, with one segment.

The FIA has refused Nelson Piquet Jr’s planned return to Formula 3 this.

“This season the FIA introduced new eligibility criteria with the specific intent to define the characteristics of the FIA.

“I don’t want to be the last man standing.

Wait a minute, maybe I do,” sings Willie Nelson on the opening line from his sixty-seventh (!) studio album, Last Man Standing, released this week. Nelson.

Do you really want to read another piece about the Mueller Report, Joe Biden or the gender pay gap? Hell no. If you’re like me, you’re desperate for something fun and frothy that sparks joy. For the.

However, the definition of treatment success for patients changes as they go through chemotherapy, according to new findings. Before they began chemotherapy, most patients (60.4%) defined treatment as.