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Gosling, star of The Ides Of March, became the unwitting subject Ryan McHenry’s viral YouTube clips, titled ‘Ryan Gosling won’t eat his cereal’. Mr McHenry, from Dumfries, Scotland, would hold the.

At ABC, Tuesday’s alternative series “Extreme Weight Loss” (1.3/4 in 18-49, 4.02m) opened slightly better than last year, and “Celebrity Wife Swap,” which kicked off its season in April, hit season.

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The initial report that blamed it on “BEG” diets (read: non-Purina or Hills brands) showed that 236 dogs had been diagnosed with possible diet-related DCM, out of a total of 22 million dogs in the.

A suburban Chicago father of three died after he fell through the ice while playing ice hockey with his young son. Patrick ‘Rocky’ Rorig, 47, fell through two-inch thick ice on the pond behind his.

TOWNER, N.D. (AP) — A Minnesota man has been charged with attacking a priest in Fargo. Authorities say 42-year-old Chad Legare is accused of assaulting Rev. Robert Wapenski at St. Francis Xavier.

Even though her family raves about her Chicken Piccata, pounding the chicken and the ensuing mess it makes in the kitchen relegates it to the menu only three or four times a year "when they beg for it.

She’s anxious over his anxiety and fitness – In your letter, there are only two certainties, and they need the attention you’re currently misdirecting to his diet and exercise habits.

Cats (though they would beg to differ) are simple. It.

To address Jenna Yarosh Wilson’s concerns [“We Care About Pets and Their Health,” April 24, Xpress] regarding my warning about BEG [boutique, exotic ingredient and grain-free] diets: The vast majority.

Bite-size information on labels makes smart eaters – We say it will lead to, "I’m not eating those eggs until you tell me the sodium content!" The experts beg to differ. We’re all ears. "You have to present it as a positive way to help you decide why.