Down Kilo

The onion prices touching nearly ₹100 a kg, has literally made people cry in Chennai.

On a normal day, nearly 100 trucks.

Daily supplies are fluctuating a lot these days depending upon the market prices.” At Choithram mandi onion was trading at Rs 45 per kg to Rs 50 per kg and arrivals were reported at 20,000 bags (one.

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Notably, onion was selling at Rs 25 per kg in the mid of August this year.

will remain the same for the next few days or there are chances of the prices to come down. The price of onion is changing.

“Onions have been selling for a premium for quite some time now. The price in Kolkata now hovers around Rs 70/kg-Rs 80/kg, depending on the quality. Potatoes and onions are considered base items.

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“We took a risk, we tried, and now we know.” Kilo Lounge first opened on the highest floor of the Kallang Rivergreen Building.

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