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If you’re driving through Luling, Texas, pay this huge water tower that’s cleverly painted as a watermelon no mind. It’s simply ordinary in this watermelon-appreciating state. In addition to this.

According to the Huffington Post, Joshua Andrew Heinz was simply trying to slice some leftover BBQ to take home after watching a football game with friends when Alvin Kenneth "Chico" Welch Jr.

According to David Portalatin, a motor fuels analyst with The NPD Group, rather than panic over the high prices, people will simply moderate their driving habits. That’s bad news for restaurants.

Curtis Frontier A laboratory study offers a new hypothesis about how ovarian cancer forms and suggests how it might be prevented. The

Mysterious White Powder: Viv Agave – OK, I am plainly omitting some crucial details of this story simply for the sake of being provocative. Before you report me to social services, or worse (the DEA), this mystery white powder was.

Drink Trends We Love from the Manhattan Cocktail Classic – This sip gets it warmth from a mix of sweet and spicy ingredients like hibiscus, ginger, and clove. It’s almost perfection served simply as a splash on top of Prosecco, although they were also.

Despite the rising numbers of recalls, most of that food – the overwhelming majority – was safe. It continues to be safe, but a great deal must be answered for. We simply can’t live in fear of our.