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While living in Fairbanks for 33 years, I have never seen a bat in the.

I have only seen three skittering through the air in Alaska: Once in Anchorage, in Yakutat and once near Tok. Researchers who.

Thunder Tries the Hill’s Prescription Diet k/d Kidney Care Wet Cat FoodNew edition of Alaska humor magazine out now – "Local bears caught raiding garbage cans are collected a few weeks before the spring event and fed a minimal diet, preparing them for the big.

"On the Road to Tok" with collaborators Tom Sadowski.

Little brown bats remain a northern mystery – Scientists who studied bats that roosted in buildings off the Tok Cutoff.

the border in Southeast Alaska finds one of them hibernating in a cave there, to solve a longstanding mystery. Since the.

They talked at length about his diet, his physical activity, his responsibilities and how they weighed on him. Lao focused in on stress–what was causing it in Corasaniti’s life, and how did it.

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FAIRBANKS — The Upper Tanana Fortymile Fish and Game Advisory Committee meets at 7 p.m. Thursday at the Tok Fish and Game building. The meeting will include a discussion of the National Park Service’s.

Nest density and success of ospreys greatly declined. Bald eagles shifted their diet to compensate for the cutthroat trout loss. These interactions across multiple trophic levels both within and.